Workplace conversations and collaborative teamwork at workspace


Video chats and document sharing are supported by microsoft teams support service, a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365. The microsoft teams solutions are designed to help workers. Worksmarter by facilitating workplace conversations, collaborative teamwork, video chats, and document sharing.

  • With a single click, you may go from group chat to video call.
  • Securely connect to a server, view files, share them, and collaborate on them in real-time.
  • Maintain your organization by putting all of your notes, papers, and calendar in one place.

Do you need to send a file to someone? Connect it to the conversation. Then, right from the window, you may phone, or video contact your colleague to discuss the material in further detail. Alternatively, you might book a meeting without leaving the conversation. Because of Chat’s connectivity with other Microsoft products like OneNote and Office, you will no longer have to move between applications throughout your Chat. Everything is right there in the chat room.

Before, during, and after meetings are all important.

Getting things ready for meetings may be a time-consuming task in itself. The agenda is included in one email, and the agreed-upon activities are contained in another.Continually monitor a chat room or team channel for group or one-on-one updates, or initiate a conference call with screen sharing and video.Cloud phone calls may be managed with relative ease.Calls from a fixedline are seamless, teams can communicate through the desktop or any mobile device, and control can be maintained via reverse number search, voicemail, and delegation.

Meetings in groups make this a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Immediately after creating the meeting, you may begin speaking with attendees about the agenda, distributing the files you need them to examine, and keeping track of meeting notes and to-do items. You can even find out who those mysterious guests are that have been invited.


After that, the recording of the call is instantly accessible in the same tab, so if you were unable to attend the meeting, you wouldn’t have to waste time looking for the tape afterward. It’s right there, along with the meeting minutes and activities that were agreed upon.