Watch This Gangster Movie Only On Aha

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Shylock is a Malayalam movie that is released on 23rd January, in the year 2020. The movie Shylock is produced by Prathapa Varma and directed by Ajai Vasudeva. It is an action and a comedy movie. Boss is a moneylender who gave Prathapa money for the movie. But, Prathapa cheated on him and did not pay back the money to him. This angered Boss, and he caused chaos in the sets of the Prathapa Varma’s movies. Prathama is a friend of the police commissioner; he then sends men to kill the Boss. Boss defeated all of them and then again challenged Prathapa and his friend. After this situation, Prathapa’s friend filed a complaint that his son, Adithya Varma is missing, and the person responsible for this is his Boss. Police arrested him and punished him. But, in the photographs, it was proved that Adithya was celebrating Holi in Nagpur. But eventually, after this, he caught him and killed him. Prathama and his friend doubted Boss. Boss confirmed it. Boss real name was Devan, who lived with his large family. His cousin was in love with a girl whose family denied them because of caste differences. The movie revolves around how Boss and Prathapa were challenging each other, what they did to each other, and how they overcame it.

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