What is Wealth Management?

Underwriting an Asset Management means giving a mandate to professionals to invest your assets. The manager will invest the money on your behalf, trying to obtain returns in line with your investment plan, respecting the risk levels established by the mandate. The manager’s task is also to carry out all tax obligations on your behalf asset management solutions.

Wealth Management is the best way to invest your money with Moneyfarm. A fiscally efficient solution that allows you to delegate your investment choices to a team of experts, but with the transparency of a simple and accessible online platform 24 hours a day and a dedicated consultant at your disposal private wealth management.

The advantages of Moneyfarm Asset Management


We do not receive any compensation based on the financial instruments we include in your portfolio, guaranteeing a service without conflicts of interest.

Tax efficient

Unlike an investment in mutual funds, with Wealth Management it is possible to offset capital losses and capital gains of the funds in the portfolio with a significant advantage from a tax point of view and a direct impact on returns.


No time limit: you can disinvest in part or totally at any time and without costs. Stay in full control of your savings at all times.


Total access to your investment. Portfolio composition, movements, returns and reporting at any time and also from mobile. And if you have a doubt, contact our Consultants.


With Moneyfarm Asset Management you canĀ  save up to 50% on management costsĀ  compared to comparable services. An advantage that accumulates over time and helps the wallet perform better in the long run.


Moneyfarm manages your wallet for you: a team of professionals makes the necessary decisions to seize market opportunities and always keeps you informed on the operations performed.