The prominent support for the company

The legal process that can be used in the formation of a corporate entity or any company is called company incorporation. company incorporation hong kong provides such service that separate legal entity on itself that is reorganized by the law. These company incorporation hong kong corporations can be identified in different terms.

Steps related to incorporation:

A group of people may come together to form a public company whereas related to the private company needs only two. The following are the steps that are related to the incorporation of any company-

Step 1- in this step, any company can be incorporated for choosing the name. The identification of things is mainly based on the name in which it is registered. The company’s name is stated in the memorandum of association that is relevant to the company. To check the availability of chosen name for adoption, the promoters must write an application.

Step 2- it should mention the type of business that the company intends to undertake. Articles of association are probably a document that is set rules which could be followed by the management of the company.

Step 3- companies have often assisted the promoters to draw up and also draft the articles of association.

Step 4 –

To complete the legal and complex formalities of the documentation of the company’s incorporation the promoter can employ an attorney who has the authority to act on the part of the company and also for the promoters.


Once these are completed the articles should be individually signed by each of their representatives in the presence of a witness otherwise there is no possibility for validity.