Properties of pork, benefits, contraindications, how to cook it

The pork is often considered a very fatty meat and therefore banned from the diet every day, it’s actually a viable alternative to beef being considered halfway between red and white meat. From a nutritional point of view , pork can easily be positioned among red meats but in reality there are numerous healthy and balanced allowances that can be attained and which bring it near to leaner meats such as chicken black pig hong kong    .

So we can say that pork can not always be defined fat, we only have to recognize the classification of the various parts to buy the lighter and healthier but also tasty ones such as the loin, corresponding to the section of the central spine, which is a very lean part. which can be cooked in different ways buy black pig meat.

Pork is a meat rich in proteins, it also contains iron, other minerals that are very important for our body, here are the 5 properties of pork and the benefits we can derive from it with a moderate consumption of this food, a food that must not be missing in a balanced diet.

is rich in collagen

The pork is rich in collagen, the protein useful for anti-aging, so we can say that among the benefits of this food is its power to keep the skin, is good for your skin, therefore, also to the hair.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals

This meat is also very rich in vitamins and minerals: specifically, it contains a high percentage of iron, copper, zinc and selenium.